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 Saint Nicolas ICN Alumni Luxembourg

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Start time: 6:00PM

End time: 1AM

Bar: Ennert de Steiler 

Address: 2 rue de la Loge, 1945 Luxembourg

Deal: free entry. With the wristband, you will have:

- ⏱ Happy hour from 6:00PM to 9:00PM


- Aperol spritz / Mojito / Gin : 6€

- Beers : for the price of half a pint you get a pint (maximum 5€ for La Chouffe)

- Wine: 4€

- Tequila shot: 2€

Finger Food: 

- free but hurry up, it is for everyone in the bar !

Last service for:

- drink: 00:30AM

- food: 11:00PM

 ICN Alumni team is proud to start again events in Luxembourg ! 

Come celebrate Saint Nicolas’s day with us at the Steiler bar. 

We will have the 2nd floor for us !


- Ask your wristband to enjoy discount at the bar

- Terrace for smokers 

 Do not forget to:

- Join ICN Alumni Luxembourg Group on LinkedIn CLIQUEZ ICI

- We will launch a WhatsApp group also and an event Facebook, stay tuned !

- Get your subscription with ICN Alumni to enjoy preferential price for next events  

If you have any question or want to help us, please contact us <>

See you soon !

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